Bull’s Eye| workshop for SMEs | Funding | Networking | Digital Marketing

Bull's Eye| workshop for SMEs | Funding | Networking | Digital Marketing

To make the entrepreneurs aware about the different schemes available in the market whether banking or non-banking sector “Stree Kosh” as a community partner along with Leaderz Walk and MUVS Consulting organized Bull’s Eye, a full day workshop on 3rd March 2019. Stree Kosh is a dedicated forum for women entrepreneurs to provide them business solutions, consulting and skills to grow successfully to make their presence felt.

Various funding schemes for SMs, equity & loans, Management reporting system and digital media content strategy were discussed.

To discuss different funding schemes and its modalities Mr. Sumeet Aggarwal was invited who is founder of SKA Finance and financial advisor. In India, the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises development organizations, various State Small Industries Development Corporations and the Nationalized banks cater to the needs of potential entrepreneurs especially first generation. The session was an eye opener for most of the participants as they came to know about how finance works to grow exponentially. As an entrepreneurs we face many such challenges like operational framework, right combination of digital and traditional sales & marketing and human resources besides finance. New age entrepreneurship has been recognized as an important source of economic growth, to create jobs and to provide society with a difference

Having people skills for networking meetings and events is a crucial part  of growing business and collaboration. A role play activity was conducted during the session to show how networking works and what are the “rules and tips of networking”. Ms. Smita Kanth, founder MUVS Consulting shared how to make business more processed. And to align it with business goal a robust management reporting system is the backbone of any organization. We discussed management reporting system and networking skills in the second session.

Another important aspect of any business owner which was discussed in the workshop was ‘content strategy for digital marketing’. How to select the right medium among all the social media tools to promote your business was the topic for the third session. After selecting the most suitable platform to promote based on type of services and products Mr. Kumar Saurabh, founder Leaderz walk shared the content strategy.

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